"The San Francisco setting is perfectly mapped on the page, detailed from coffee shops to street characters...

Some may find shades of Walter Mitty in Henry Quantum, but this quirky love story is driven by angst, and heroes imagined or real are absent."

--Kirkus Reviews


“THE HEART OF HENRY QUANTUM will captivate you with its hapless love triangle. Read it: you'll thank me.”

--Elin Hilderbrand, Author of HERE'S TO US and the WINTER STREET holiday trilogy


"The Heart of Henry Quantum is something altogether different, and Lavigne hooks his readers early, then pretty much keeps them engaged and entertained to the end. It’s a fun, smart, feel-good book filled with witty and wise cultural observations and insights and it’s also a really nice love story.

You can fully expect to see it as a major motion picture."

--David Bolling, Valley of the Moon Magazine


“Harding is a great writer who really gets under the skin of ... very different protagonists, providing a fascinating portrait of two halves whose jagged edges can’t seem to fit together to make up a whole.”

 --Sara Lawrence, The Daily Mail, U.K.

“(Pepper) does manage to capture a bit of truth about modern life that might very well make (him) a literary icon in the next century.”

--Melony Carey, Muskogee Phoenix