Sean Spicer at The Emmys

Okay, let me add my voice to the Sean Spicer yuck-o-rama.  And here it is:  Are you kidding me? 

Is everything okay if we laugh at it? I didn’t watch the Emmy’s but I did see that Stephen Colbert invited Sean Spicer to have a cameo appearance at the end of the opening of the ceremony.  And I saw that bit – it was definitely funny.  Really.  It was.   Which had me asking myself, “what the hell is wrong with me?”

This guy is a liar and a creep of the highest order, with not a shred of decency; a guy who helped pervert and undermine the highest office in the land.  How amusing.

I ask you, has Sean Spicer even apologized for what he did?  Not to my knowledge.  (Not that it would matter, to be honest).  But why bother even thinking about the consequences of his actions? There are none!  Let’s just move forward, shall we? It’s the right thing to do.

Look, I think Stephen Colbert is great and he has been on point in his monologues for months now, but shame on him and his producers.  Forgive and forget?  You forgive someone when they make a sincere effort to change, when they at least try to undo the damage they’ve done. But, nah.  Let’s just put him center stage in front of millions of viewers and call it a day.

Because when you get right down to it, what so wrong with demeaning and demoralizing entire subgroups of this nation?  What’s the big deal if you fabricate facts and support bigotry and hatred? It’s all showbiz!  And Sean’s a good person, after all – even nicer than all those fine folks waving swastikas in Charlotte. We’re all human after all.  Let’s not judge.

Because what’s written between the lines is that, at least if you’re white and putatively Christian and in a certain income bracket, you can do or say pretty much anything you want without suffering one itty bitty little consequence.

And that’s a pretty good deal, I think.  

If you want to live in hell. 

Until next time, Stay Safe & Be Kind!